Save Metro City!


Technology ripped off from a Fantastic Four comic!

The worst case scenario had happened. Prince Apathios had finally gained the Crown of Atlantis. The team knew that they would have to strike quickly if they wanted to have a chance of surviving the ordeal. There was only one option left: Locate Apathios’ base and defeat him before anyone knew what was happening. The team immediately ran to the Secret Hangar and took off in the Puffin. After flying over the ocean for several miles, the Puffin’s radar finally detected a large, slowly-moving object on the sea floor. The Mariner immediately put the plane into a dive, converting it into its submersible mode and blasting through the water.

However, the journey would not be so easy. Something slammed into the side of the Puffin, causing it to take on water. Looking through a porthole, the team saw Tiger Rider, flying on a torpedo through the open ocean and itching to take revenge. Bright Man attempted to throw a barrel at him, but he only succeeded in making the leak worse. As Apathios’ moving fortress came into view, the Mariner was able to guide the heavily damaged ship into the wall. Bright Man fired some missiles while the Puffin scraped along the corridor, finally managing to hit Tiger Rider, resulting in a gigantic explosion. The team was barely able to don breathing devices (save for the Mariner) before the Puffin ran into the wall, breaking into a dozen pieces.

After some exploring, the team deciphered a map in Atlantean and was just about to descend to a lower level of the fortress when suddenly the Mariner’s armor started picking up a radio signal from the nearby communications office. It was only partially there, but he could clearly make out the words “Five minutes”, “Nutro-nuclear dissolvo-bomb”, and “complete annihilation” used close to each other. This, they guessed, was not good.

They descended several levels before reaching the bottom, which was sealed off by a gigantic blast door. Deciding to wait before attemptint to open it, they explored the second floor of the fortress, labeled “ARMORY” on the map. Unfortunately, the Atlantean grunts used only swords and other common weapons, and that was mostly what they found; the Wraith decided to keep some harpoons for later. However, there was a very tempting sealed door at the end of the corridor; the Wraith was able to open the complex Atlantean lock. Inside was a very large rifle. Instead of ammunition, a container of mysterious powder attached to it; this was the powder used to change fish into Atlanteans.

They returned to the blast doors, and while the Wraith worked on it, the team discussed more of their lives outside of punching things. I don’t remember any of them, but I think the Descendant had met someone at the reception at the start of the arc.

The doors slowly slid open, and the team swam down, right into Prince Apathios’ throne room. There he sat, haughtily, with bad posture, accompanied by a cuttlefish mage. Upon his head sat the Crown of Atlantis. After some taunting, the fight began. Sharks swam out of shafts in the wall as Apathios bent their wills to his command. The Wraith, moving swiftly, fired a harpoon towards Apathios, maanging to deal some damage. Meanwhile, the cuttlefish summoned a great whirlpool. Though the Mariner was able to resist it at first, the cuttlefish magnetized his armor and Bright Man’s buster, causing them to attach together. The whirlpool threw them through shaft as they collided with the wall of the adjacent shark pen. Sharks swam at them as the Mariner aimed and fired…

Creating a shark Atlantean loyal to him.

The Mariner detached himself from Bright Man and swam back, shooting sharks as fast as he can. However, the situation was dire. Sharks had swarmed the Descendant and he had passed out from blood loss. The Wraith was keeping the sharks in check, but for every wound Apathios caused with the Shark Spear, another shark appeared. Meanwhile, the Nutro-Nuclear Dissolvo Bomb was mere seconds away from launch. In a heroic comeback, a Descendant from the future appeared and grabbed onto the missle along with Bright Man as it launched.

The dissolvo-bomb streaked through the sky, the two heroes barely clinging onto it in the face of the wind. After a tense few seconds, the Descendant opened a panel on the side of the missile and, with Bright Man’s help, rewired the target. The missile flew harmlessly into space and the dynamic duo fell back into Metro City, Bright Man landing on Craig.

Meanwhile, the Mariner, in a last-ditch maneuver, fired the gun at Apathios. The beam hit the jewel embedded in the crown, causing Apathios to radiate light as his power increased tenfold. Good going. The Wraith, furious at the endangerment of his orphans, used his last remaining harpoon to stab the gem. At once, he experienced a waking dream; timelines after timelines, dimensions after dimensions flowed in front of him. At last, he woke up to find that Apathios had dissolved.

The remaining Atlanteans were cleared of the fortress and the Mariner drove his sweet prize up to the docks. All that remained was reconstruction…

Six months later, most of the damage caused by the Atlanteans had been repaired. The Wraith went to his mailbox in Industrial Aquatics, only to discover a mysterious letter. Hauntingly, the letter was addressed to “Lewis Turner”. He tore open the letter. A mysterious group desired revenge for unknown sins, and wanted him and the rest of the team at the docks. With no choice, he decided to go.

The team arrived at the docks at a windy hour. The tension was thick enough to be thick. Suddenly, a warehouse door slid opening, revealing five pudgy middle-aged men. Confused, the Wraith asked who they were. They were Jay, Jeff, Jim, John, and RECOOME–pawn shop owners who had been robbed by the Chameleon Gang in the past. Now, they were ready to fight back…as…(one lenghty transformation sequence later)…the MIGHTY MORPHIN’ PAWN SHOP OWNERS!!!



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