Save Metro City!

Atlantis...gets RAD!!

Product placement!

The van carrying the team drove away from the rubble of Supercon, recovering Bright Man and the Mariner through advanced technology (that left at least the Mariner with a very unsettling dream). Jonah explained to them that Atlantean forces are attacking Metro U en masse, with the intent of retrieving the Mountain Dew buried deep below the Rad Studies department. They were going over there now to fend off the siege. However, the exposition was interrupted when something crashed into the side of the van, sending it into a wall.

The team got out of the van as a mysterious figures emerged from the Old West saloon on the opposite side of the street: Two pistol shrimp Atlanteans, decked out in cowboy duds. The ensuing battle was short and ended with most of the shrimps’ minions destroyed and one of the brothers a future Red Lobster entree. The remaining shrimp fired a shot into the air, but instead of the help he was expecting, a torpedo flew in from the sky and blew him up.

Subsequent torpedoes flew at the party, causing them to take cover. They seemed to fly from nowhere and everywhere simultaneously; since the team couldn’t identify the source, they took off at a run for Metro U under heavy bombardment. The Descendant took some damage, but not enough to be bad, the Mariner suffered some unknown damage to his suit, and the Wraith and Bright Man suffered little to no damage. The team proceeded into the tiny subway system used by Metro U and discovered no train cars and a tunnel filled knee-high with water.

As the party proceeded through the tunnel, they noticed dozens of dead or unconscious Atlanteans strewn to the side. A large number of them had impact damage roughly the size of a human head. The team eventually came to a large makeshift barricade cutting off the tunnel, with a small door in the side. One of them knocked, and Leonard Newton–the Mathemagician–answered the door. He led the team through the barricade, noting that the Felony Department had decided to form a temporary truce and after the Atlanteans were defeated, they would return to being enemies.

The team went to the Rad Studies department, where they found several of their old colleagues discussing plans of attack. The issue was that the department was not getting room to recover–there was nothing more valuable than the Dew with which to distract the Atlanteans. Immediately, all eyes shifted to the Descendant, who grudgingly pulled the Crown of Atlantis from under his hat. The party decided that the crown wasn’t enough; in order to fight the Atlanteans, they’d need to…get rad.

Dr. Joseph Sweet brought the party to the underground Dew vault, and after filling a Big Gulp container for all of them, wished them luck. The team each drank their share of Dew, experiencing their own MEGA RAD changes: The Descendant turned green and gained tendrils, the Wraith (add later), the Mariner’s armor turned green and gained logo stickers, and Bright Man temporarily reverted to Dirkman Lee once more.

The party grabbed convenient skateboards as Dr. Sweet drank his cup of Dew and grew to a large size, knocking aside Atlanteans like toys. The party skated up the tallest building they could find and kickflipped off, immediately attracting the attention of their opponents. Suddenly, a torpedo crashed to the ground, and two figures walked out of the dust: A tiger shark and a coelacanth. They were Apathios’ top lieutenants: Tiger Rider and the Time Sprinkler.

Tiger Rider shot torpedoes at the party, who took some damage, as the Time Sprinkler punched the Wraith thirty seconds into the future and into an art installation. The Mariner ripped another installation (made out of shrapnel and broken glass for some reason) out of the ground and took a swing at the Time Sprinkler, but he transformed the installation into its material components. Bright Man, however, fired a beam at the Time Sprinkler that he was unable to avoid, causing him to note that Bright Man was anomalous in time.

Meanwhile, Tiger Rider tried to hook the Wraith with a garotte wire studded with his own teeth, but the Wraith managed to grab the wire, flip around, and kicked him in the face. To add injury to injury, he then threw Tiger Rider’s own torpedo at him, damaging him heavily.

Suddenly, Rad Chad appeared, claiming Tiger Rider for his own. In the ensuing argument, Tiger Rider shot a torpedo and flew away with Chad. While the team was distracted, an Atlantean minion tried to grab the crown and run away with it; when the party noticed, the Time Sprinkler time-copied it a hundred times, covering the entire quad with crowns. Bright Man shot him into the shrapnel field he left, but right before the Mariner could curb-stomp him, he teleported away. The minion got away with three crowns.

Apathios has now come dangerously close to victory. Tune in next week for…the thrilling conclusion!


It seems that the Wraith has a new theme song.

Atlantis...gets RAD!!

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