Save Metro City!


After some light interrogation of one of the remaining Pawn Shop Owners, the Explosion Force set out in their van to find Doctor Swastika’s warehouse. After some searching, they decided to search the spiky warehouse covered with fire and Nazi symbols. They quickly dispatched the two guards at the gate, keeping one alive for yet more interrogation. He said that there was an emergency teleporter to the Iron Cross robot on the second floor, and the team entered. Noticing dozens of well-armed minions, Brian McLane fired the Mjolnir Cannon from the van (much more quickly than a usual Explosion Force session) and destroyed the whole first floor. The team casually strolled in and climbed up the stairs to the second floor.

What greeted them was a trophy room, filled with objects that the Schultz Family had taken from their foes. This included a big shelf filled with guns that were too small for BLÜDDGÜNN’s purposes; David Thorn took one for himself. However, as he removed the gun from its stand, an alarm sounded and the Silverback and BLÜDDGÜNN himself entered. There was a fight, the details of which I forget except that Callisto got blasted out of the building. To be continued…



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