Save Metro City!

Menace of...the Robot Masters!

Over 1000 cheat codes!

Immediately after the defeat of Robin Hood, the Mariner recieved a call from Cpt. Archibald Curry, the head captain of the Industrial Aquatics fleet. Most of the denizens of lower Metro City had been evacuated and he was sending a boat to pick them up. Hauling the Wraith’s unconscious body between them, the Mariner and the Descendant managed to get on the boat–a small barge that was decent for maneuvering between buildings–and speed away from the planetarium as it flooded.

Curry explained the situation as he sailed. A huge Atlantean army had invaded Metro City and opened dozens of portals (“floodgates”) that were pumping water into the city at an incredible rate. The assorted super-gangs were fighting back, but the battle could swing in either direction. They were on their way to the theatre district, the location of the nearest floodgate, to continue the fight.

Suddenly, the ship ground to a halt. The Mariner volunteered to check the problem and, suited up, dove behind the ship. The propellers had been tangled with some kind of net. Just as he finished untying them, a shark charged at him and he activated his boots at the last minute, propelling him to safety. Meanwhile, the Descendant noticed a huge, dark shape coiling underneath the boat. It raised its head above the water, revealing a titanic oarfish (“The King of Herrings”). Sharks started swarming around the boat as the two prepared for battle.

Meanwhile, Bright Man was just finishing his one-man show in a nearby theater. As he droned on about Splash Woman, he started to hear sounds of a struggle coming from outside, and eventually the King of Herrings smashed through the wall, revealing his comrades. After Bright Stopping the audience, Bright Man leaped mightily onto the boat, simultaneously waking up the Wraith.

The Wraith, after screaming at Bright Man, took careful aim and caused a deep, bleeding wound on the King of Herrings, attracting the attention of the sharks. However, the King of Herrings was not finished, and with a mighty blow split the ship nearly in two. The New Legion escaped in pairs–The Wraith and the Descendant on one side, Bright Man and the Mariner on the other–to nearby theatre administration offices. Cpt. Curry escaped in the lifeboat, but not before firing a rocket launcher at the sinking ship, destroying it and sending the King flying.

According to a map, the two buildings met in an underground green room complex. The heroes walked down the stairs and through a long hallway. As the silence grew too much to bear, the Descendant decided that now that Lichard Nixon had made an appearance, it was time to own up about the true reason he went back in time. As it turned out, the Descendant sent himself back in time to protect the Wraith, partially because he was important to the timestream, but also partially because…he was the Wraith’s descendant.

Meanwhile, the Mariner and Bright Man came upon a file cabinet near the green room. The Mariner, flipping quickly through the files, found the file for the preview night of “Kickin’ Rad!!!: The Story of Tommy Maxx”…the very performance that caused Dirkman Lee’s transformation. Only one paper drew his eye: A checklist for the flying actors’ harnesses. Chad McGuire had signed off on four of the five actors. However, Lee’s had a different pair of initials next to it: LN. Nixon’s conspiracy was growing more and more ominous by the second.

The two groups met in the green room. However, before they could pat themselves on the back, someone–the leader of this area–announced over the intercom that they had detected the Crown of Atlantis within the theater complex. The Wraith disguised the team as fish-men to avoid detection and they went towards the source of the flooding: The Metro Dome, an outdoor amphitheater used by large touring musical productions. They emerged into the pouring rain, facing two hooded figures.

One of the figures held out a box of Pocky, causing Bright Man to shed his disguise and leap at it. As he did so, the figure stepped back, shedding his cloak. It was then that the party knew that this fight was going to be incredibly stupid.

It was Toad Man.

The other figure took off his cloak, revealing Snake Man. They had come to the theater district so they could specifically fight Bright Man to see which one was the strongest Robot Master, and it was time to slam jam. Snake Man summoned two robot serpents from the flooded Metro Dome and the fight began.

Most of the party concentrated on attacking Snake Man, who, badly injured, jumped to a floating piece of debris to act as backup. Toad Man started swiveling his hips suggestively, and Bright Man, knowing that this was the setup to his Rain Flush attack, barely dodged as a huge stream of water crashed down upon him from the sky. However, he dodged right into the laser blast from one of the serpents…

Snake Man, in a final attack, shot two snakes with incredible accuracy at the Descendant. However, right before it looked like he was to fall, the Wraith jumped in front of him. The snakes latched onto his flesh and he fell into the water. The Descendant helped him out and gave him first aid, but he was obviously incapacitated for the time being. The Mariner managed to reach Snake Man and stabbed him with his harpoon, causing him to explode. However, this caused the harpoon to fly away, and before he could retrieve it, something moving faster than the eye could see caught it. It stopped briefly on the ground before escaping, revealing a creepy grey fox fursuit: The Silver Fox had returned.

Bright Man’s head swam as the trauma, combined with the surroundings, shifted his mind back into gear. For one minute, one golden minute, he became Dirkman Lee, the normal actor he had always been. The Mariner convinced him the whole fight was a movie setup, and Lee, filled with zeal, leapt at Toad Man, delivering a mighty blow and destroying the amphibian Robot Master. Almost immediately, his headgear fizzled out and he became Bright Man again.

As the team recovered, someone gave a mighty battle cry and blasted the front doors of the amphitheater open. A man in a disheveled pink karate uniform ran into the hall, screaming. As he calmed down, he introduced himself as the Streetest Fighter. He had a problem: The Silver Fox had stolen one of the floodgate control pendants, declared martial law over SuperCon and banished him. The Fox was reverse-engineering various pieces of technology to improve their suit, and soon would be unstoppable.

It looks like the team will be making an unexpected detour…a return to SUPERCON!!!



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