Save Metro City!

Mighty Morphin'...PAWN SHOP OWNERS?!?!

Collect all five!

The Mighty Morphin’ Pawn Shop Owners attacked the party…with little effect. Though Recoome was able to pull off a Recoome Knee and Elbow on one of the party members, the rest, though clad in super sentai suits, were still inaccurate and ineffective. Jeff in particular, armed with tire irons, effectively gave up. At the last second, they decided to go for their giant transforming robot; however, while the party was distracted by the transformation sequence, one of the Owners lobbed a knockout grenade in front of them, knocking them out, as per the purpose of the knockout grenade.

As all looked bleak for our brave heroes, a gear flew from the sky and embedded itself in the ground in front of the pawn shop owners. Gearhead had, at long last, reappeared, along with a new, unknown team of heroes: Catseye, Boxcars, Firestarter (and his partner Smokescreen), and the Gunsmith. This new team made short work of the giant robot. As the New Legion awoke, the new team introduced themselves: the Explosion Force, an elite group of murder hobos dedicated to investigate paranormal occurrences in Metro City. Lichard Nixon and Doctor Swastika had both summoned gigantic armies of zombies for reasons unknown, and they couldn’t stop both of them on their own.

Almost like it was convenient to the plot, a giant robot arose from the sea: Doctor Swastika’s infamous Iron Cross mech. At the same time, Lichard Nixon appeared above the suburbs. With him was the undead ghostlord William Henry Harrison, who summoned a giant flaming statue of Harry S. Truman from the earth. A plan had to be made, and quickly: they decided that the Explosion Force would pursue the forces of Doctor Swastika, while the New Legion would attack Nixon with the hopes of stopping his reign of terror for good. With that, the teams split up…until next time.



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