Save Metro City!

The Operation of...CAGE TEAM BRAVO!!

A! B! C! D!!

The Mariner, thinking quickly, carried the dying Wraith over his shoulder through the airport and onto the waiting plane. There they found three operatives of Freddie waiting for them: The Pinball Wizard, White Album, and the prismatic avatar of Pink Floyd. They took off as the team starting patching up the Wraith.

The flight to Freedomville was interrupted by an incoming radio transmission: US Special Forces commanding them to land. They stopped in an airplane graveyard and exited the plane, only to be surrounded by armed soldiers, under orders of Lichard Nixon. The ensuing fight was short and extremely one-sided, and one of the soldiers was taken hostage. However, he had secretly hidden a stuffed rabbit (containing a tracking device) in his clothes, allowing a mysterious operative to tail them in an 747 jet. It soon became obvious that the operative was a clone of Nicolas Cage who thought he was in Con Air.

Con Air Cage attempted to ram the 747, but quick thinking on the part of the party and fast reflexes on the part of Bright Man enabled them to escape Con Air Cage, but not without a price: Flying the burning plane into an explosive-red-barrel warehouse. The Mariner managed to be blown clear of the explosion, while Bright Man was moderately injured; the other two escaped major harm. The Wraith transformed the four into Cage Team Bravo operatives and commandeered a car, driving them to the National Archives.

The four easily bypassed security, but once in the back room they discovered, to their horror, that they had triggered a trapdoor. While the Mariner, the Wraith, and Bright Man managed to latch onto a ledge in the very long shaft through which they were falling, the Descendant missed the grab and fell out of sight. The team pulled themselves up and walked through a long corridor, finding themselves in a warehouse filled with boxes. Knowing that Lichard Nixon’s phylactery–the missing 18 1/2 minutes of the Watergate tape–was stored somewhere inside, they immediately began investigating.

After twenty minutes, the Descendant appeared, claiming that he had found Nixon’s storage room. The group ran down the corridor and a flight of stairs, finding themselves in an identical room with a large metal storage container in the middle. The Mariner opened the door to the storage container, only to find, to his horror, that he had fallen for a trap: Face/Off Cage had kidnapped the Descendant and taken his appearance. Almost immediately, two more Cages appeared to challenge the party: Wicker Man Cage, dressed in a bear suit, and Vampire’s Kiss Cage, apoplectic with grief and carrying a large wooden stake.

The Mariner and Wicker Man Cage engaged in the most destructive fistfight in history, destroying an entire floor of offices, a priceless marble statue in the lobby, and ruining the day of several dozen people with bad opinions about media. Meanwhile, though Vampire’s Kiss cage was quickly defeated, the remaining party members were forced to engage in a massive gun kata battle with Face/Off Cage, finally defeating him after a long struggle. The team prepared themselves and proceeded down further into the Archives…

Up next…the finale!



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