Save Metro City!

Return To The Return To Supercon: Welcome...To DIE!!

Subbed and dubbed for all tastes!

When we last left our heroes, Weeaboo Man had put a cardboard box with “GUNDAM” on it over his head and become a fearsome battle robot. He proceeded to target his dad, Ultra-Dad, with a barrage of heat-seeking missiles, but Bright Man boldly stepped in and used a Bright Stopper to freeze the missles. However, the bright flash of light created a hotter target than Ultra-Dad, causing the missiles to aim at Bright Man instead, blowing a hole in the floor and incapacitating him, the Streetest Fighter, and Redundo.

Thinking quickly, the Wraith distracted Weeeaboo-Man with an illusory mech as the rest of the New Legion fired at it. At first, Weeaboo-Man managed to absorb the damage with the Gundam’s deflector shields, but they started to crack when Ultra-Dad shot bottle rockets at it. However, the team was so focused on fighting Weeaboo-Man, they didn’t notice that the real Silver Fox had snuck up from behind them with a minigun. The furious fursuited fiend opened fire, heavily damaging the Wraith. The Wraith gave a mighty leap and used his [NOPE] to saw the minigun in two, destroying it and burning the fur clean off the Silver Fox’s suit.

Enraged, and with his mech near destruction, Weeaboo-Man revealed the Gundam’s most powerful weapon: A chest-mounted laser. He fired a gigantic beam…into the illusory mech in front of him. Although it missed the party, it blew a hole in the ceiling from which Captain Maximum entered. He proceeded to punch the Mariner into a brony DJ seven rooms away.

Suddenly, 90’s Internet Man made a move: He hacked into Weeaboo-Man’s Gundam suit. The suit unloaded the rest of its missiles and another laser at the two antagonists who were standing next to each other, blowing a hole through five floors and hitting the dozens of gas-powered emergency generators under the con center. Supercon exploded in a mighty inferno that the Wraith and the Descendant managed to escape by using a tarp as a makeshift hang glider and the Mariner dodged by rappelling out with extension cord. The Mariner fell into a pond, where he realized that the section of his suit he used for whiskey sours could also be used for breathing underwater.

The trio of remaining heroes surveyed the destruction they had caused, when suddenly, Captain Maximum burst through the rubble, carrying the Silver Fox with him. The Fox snapped their fingers and an orange-gloved hand burst through the rubble. Bright Man, wearing a pair of mind-control necomimi, slowly rose up through the wreckage.

Bright Man used Bright Stopper on the party, blinding the Mariner. The Descendant shot off the ears aftewards, but the Mariner was stunned enough for the Silver Fox to stab through his suit with their claws, causing massive bleeding. The Wraith finally convinced Captain Maximum that the Silver Fox was a villain, and Captain Maximum ended the conflict by punching the Silver Fox across town and into a pet shop.

Captain Maximum apologized for the incident and began the arduous task of reconstructing the con center. As the party turned away, an Industrial Aquatics emergency van appeared, driven by Ishmael, to pick up the Mariner and crew. There was no time to spare: Metro University’s store of Mountain Dew was under attack by the Atlanteans…



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