Save Metro City!

Return to...SUPERCON!!

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When we last left our brave heroes, they had been approached by the Streetest Fighter, interim leader of Supercon after the Chessmaster’s arrest. He begged for the team’s help, saying that the Silver Fox had declared martial law and kicked him out of the convention. The team went with him to a Thai restaurant near the con center (“Thai Gershot”) for more information. There they met the other members of the strike force the Streetest Fighter had assembled: The Incomparable Redundo (who forgave the team for their earlier confrontation), Nineties Internet Man, and a middle-aged man without a costume, whom the Streetest Fighter referred to as Ultra-Dad.

The Streetest Fighter laid out the plan: The floodgate was on the bottom floor, surrounded by cameras. If the team attempted to go through the ground floor, the Silver Fox could control the flow of water and drown them all. Instead, they were to penetrate a barricade on the second floor, split into subteams, and make their way to the top floor. After some discussion, they formed TEAM CYBERBRIGHT (Bright Man and Nineties Internet Man), TEAM STEALTH (The Wraith, the Descendant, and Ultra-Dad), and TEAM MARINER AND DEADWEIGHT (The Mariner, Redundo, and the Streetest Fighter).

Nineties Internet Man destroyed the barricade to the second floor and the team split into groups, heading toward various routes to the third floor. Team Cyberbright entered a screening room, where an anime of Bright Man’s previous stage show, “Kickin’ Rad”, was playing. They sat for a spell to watch it, but suddenly Ham-Hands Tony shot up the screen, bursting through it immediately afterwards. Tony had been captured by the Silver Fox and equipped with a pair of mind-controlling robot cat ears. Meanwhile, the Mariner scoured the dealers’ hall for a replacement weapon; He eventually settled for a [WEAPON DESCRIPTION REMOVED DUE TO LEGAL THREATS FROM INDUSTRIAL AQUATICS].

The other two teams blew through a barricade of con-ops agents as Team Cyberbright fought Ham-Hand Tony. Eventually, Nineties Internet Man used a marquee tag to remove the cat ears from Tony’s head and fired some HTML that struck him through. The courageous duo clambered up a fire ladder in the corner of the room. The teams met up on the third floor and faced a problem: The elevator to the fifth floor needed a staff key card. While the teams pondered what to do, Nineties Internet Man attempted to hack the water portal; he accidentally revealed a powerful Atlantean mage, who sprayed him with a flood of water until he shut the portal again. Eventually, he hacked the keycard into thinking it was the Chessmaster’s, and the team proceeded upward.

The offices were far different from the last time the teams had arrived; the whole area was completely dark and cluttered with junk. The party entered cautiously, eventually discovering a lab area where the Silver Fox was attempting to disassemble the Mariner’s harpoon-cane. The Mariner grabbed the harpoon, but as he touched it an alarm went off, causing the Fox to appear at the entrance with a backup of minions. The Mariner, with no time to activate the cane, swung the [REDACTED] at the Fox, sawing off its head. There was a bright flash of light…

Which, once it disappeared, revealed Weeaboo-Man dressed in poor-quality fox pajamas. He was, of course, angry, but as soon as he saw Ultra-Dad he became apoplectic: Ultra-Dad was his dad, set to bring him back home and away from this dumb nerd gathering. With a mighty cry of “YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP, DAD!!!” he donned his most powerful costume: A cardboard box with “GUNDAM” written on it. With another bright flash of light, the team saw a fifty-foot tall giant robot flying above them.

To be continued…



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