Camera X

"You are now under my control."


Camera X was originally an AI program developed by The Mariner for undersea exploration. One day, on a routine mission, the submersible fell into a fissure leading to an unknown, terrifying place, and Camera X was mutated into a malevolent virus. Camera X can jump from camera to camera, mind-controlling anyone who looks into the camera’s viewscreen and firing lasers out of the camera’s lens. The mind control victims can be snapped out of it by being knocked out.

Camera X was given some unknown reward by the Killer Queens to open the Thomson and Thompson vault and keep the bank hostage, but it was thwarted by the New Legion.

Later, Camera X was approached by Key Grip, a film student looking for an internship. Grip was born without vision, but cameras replaced his eyes. He could never be hypnotized, but he provided a convenient vessel for Camera X. In exchange for course credit, he now acts as Camera X’s assistant.

Camera X

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