Charles Feng/Feng Shui

"A wildfire over there should help the chi flow better."


Not much is known about Charles Feng. He grew up in the Sisters of Perpetual Superheroics Orphanage, alongside Lewis Turner (better known as The Wraith). He never really got along well with any of the other children, preferring to watch television instead. His relationship with Lewis was especially bad, the two always seeming to end up in a fight.

His life after leaving the Orphanage is a mystery. He resurfaced as the Supervillain Feng Shui after the Time Vortex at the head of the Five Elements, a super gang that quickly asserted control over Old Metro City. Feng Shui burned the Orphanage he’d grown up in down, claiming that it interfered with the chi flow of the district.

Of course, the Wraith didn’t let this act go unabated, and robbed several stores that were supposedly under the protection of the Five Elements. This reignited the rivalry between Turner and Feng, except now the stakes (and feelings) were much more intense. So intense, in fact, that Feng Shui teamed with several other supervillains that had personal grudges against the New Legion to form the Neo Dread Hand, just to take another shot at the Wraith.

Feng’s powers are variable, each of them based off of one of the Ancient Chinese Elements. So far, Feng Shui has demonstrated the ability to manipulate fire and use plants to track his foes. He also is one of the few people in Metro City who knows the Wraith’s secret identity, and about the orphans that he cares for.

It was later revealed that Lichard Nixon hypnotized Feng Shui to get him to burn down the orphanage. He was last seen in the Metro City airport before being knocked out by the team.

Charles Feng/Feng Shui

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