William Felsington IV/Clubsport

"Tremble, peons, for Clubsport arrives!"


Clubsport is the only son and heir of William Felsington III, one of the wealthiest members of Metro City. Spoiled by his father and obsessed with supervillainy, William Felsington IV developed a morpho-metal weapon that can transform into a sporting implement from any number of pretentious sports for rich people. So far, the party has encountered:

*Exploding golf balls
*A bowling ball
*Badminton shuttlecocks that turn into drills

Clubsport is rarely seen without his prize horse, Bucephalus, who is widely considered to be more competent than he is. He tried stealing the Platinum Record from the Bank of Thomson and Thompson along with some hired thugs, but he was defeated by The Descendant.

William Felsington IV/Clubsport

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