Tony Quadratini/Ham-Hands Tony

"Make funna my hands, will ya? Fill this guy fulla led, boys!"


Tony Quadratini suffered from a tragic mutant power, causing his hands to look and taste like hams. For several years after dropping out of high school, he tried to find a calling that he would be able to succeed at, the most notable being his ill-advised run for the mayor’s office, where he called for a decrease in porkbarrel spending. (The current mayor, Mike Haggar, spent millions on putting pork in barrels so people could knock over the barrels and gain health.)

He eventually turned to a life of crime, breaking enough skulls to gain a small gang of his own. Now that he has figured out how to tape guns to his hands so he can fire them, Ham-Hands Tony is finally starting to live the good life, or at least he would be if all his enemies didn’t hopelessly outmatch him.


Tony Quadratini/Ham-Hands Tony

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