Oscar Franklin/Radio Gaga

"Radio. What's new?"


Oscar Franklin first met the man who would one day be known as Bohemian Rhapsody at a band camp (church camp) his parents sent him to. The two became fast friends, and in middle school they started a two-man Queen cover band. Though always known as the “weird music kids” through high school, Franklin and Bulsara remained steadfast allies.

Freddie’s gift to Radio Gaga was a transistor radio which fused with his chest. The radio allows him to control sound waves, which he can use to tune in to broadcasts, blast people with sound pressure, or break glass. This power deserved a costume change: Radio Gaga wears a torn red jumpsuit with a gas mask covering his face. However, with these gifts Radio Gaga felt a separation from his best friend. While he tries to keep the organization of the Killer Queens stable, Bohemian Rhapsody looks to the sky. Will they ever reunite?

Radio Gaga was trapped in David Bowie’s domain by the Headless Sportsman.

Oscar Franklin/Radio Gaga

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