Chad MacGuire/Rad Chad

"Your wounds are going to be EXTREME!!!"


In his old life, Chad MacGuire was an ordinary stagehand who enjoyed skateboarding and drinking Mountain Dew in his spare time. During performances, he would bring his old NES for the rest of the crew to play. Sadly, the NES was smashed due to Dirkman Lee’s fall, along with Chad’s old copy of Mega Man IV. Bemoaning the loss of his childhood game system, Chad skated out his anger dangerously close to the Mountain Dew plant. One mistimed ollie later, MacGuire fell into the vat of pure Dew, where the RADiation suffused his body to transform him into Rad Chad.

Rad Chad’s abilities mostly involve his skateboard, which he can use to travel extremely quickly, kickflip people in the face, and summon the ghost of Tony Hawk to perform tricks so rad even the most hardened commando will stare in awe. However, his first attack against Bright Man as a member of the Neo Dread Hand left him unconscious and his board stuck in the wall.


Chad MacGuire/Rad Chad

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