Sound Wave/Hollywood Rose

"Welcome to the jungle, baby! You gon' diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!"


In the 1980s, the streets of Los Angeles were rocked with violence as two musical gangs clashed. Two music stars, as part of a neverending feud, had gifted their powers to two gang leaders: Axl Rose had given a magic bandanna to Hollywood Rose, leader of the LA Guns crime gang, while Slash had given a guitar to the name-unknown leader of the Snakepit gang. Hundreds died in the ensuing gang war, and the two heads killed each other in a penthouse simultaneously.

The backlash from two diametrically opposed musical artifacts caused their souls to combine, creating an avatar gifted with the powers of both stars but the responsibility to neither. Assuming Hollywood Rose’s name, the avatar went on a spree of hedonism and destruction unparalleled in modern history until he was given five consecutive life sentences in prison.

His story, in every book of music history, ends here. However, a few months after his imprisonment, Common Sense approached him with a bargain: Work for the Sixth Sense, and he would be able to breathe fresh air once more. Almost freedom. He took the job, and assuming the codename Sound Wave, Hollywood Rose has acted as mid-range artillery for the organization for nearly two decades until his resounding defeat atop the Armorer’s fortress.

Sound Wave/Hollywood Rose

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