Boris Volsky/The Chessmaster

"I've seen five moves ahead. Your gambit will fail."


Boris Volsky, considered a chess prodigy by his homeland of Russia, emigrated to Metro City at the tender age of 8. His mutant powers were both a blessing and a curse: Though he was able to see anything his opponents did in advance, he also shot children’s board game pieces out of his hands. Even more infuriating was the fact that, about one out of fifty times, he got cool chess-lasers instead.

He has spent an odd amount of time funding and running SuperCon alongside people he generally can’t stand. However, he considers Lady Steampunk a close friend and ally. While his long-term intentions are unknown, the Chessmaster hired the Neo Dread Hand to kidnap the New Legion and bring him the power regulator, which will finally allow him to shoot nothing but lasers. This attack was thwarted and the Chessmaster was put in jail for the foreseeable future.


Boris Volsky/The Chessmaster

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