Grover Keynes/The Unseen Hand/The Invisible Touch

"Market analysts predict a sharp dive in your life span."


Grover Keynes is a tried-and-true Metro City denizen, graduating Metro U with a degree in music history. Originally a devout worshipper of Phil Collins, Keynes, calling himself the Invisible Touch, fought crime on the streets using his slight powers of telepathy. However, he had no idea how these powers worked: He had been blessed by the powers of the Unseen Hand of the Free Market, giving him the ability to use the hand to lift as many pounds as he had dollars in his wallet.

After a barely-halted bank robbery attempt, Keynes soon discovered his true calling: Selling out. He quickly left the path of Collins, got a MBA (also at Metro U), and soon become a professor of economics. Together with the Felony Department, the disillusioned Keynes fought for nothing more than his own financial gain.

Keynes was the one responsible for Dominion’s disfigurement by throwing him into a frozen yogurt cart. Dominion, now Gearhead, took his revenge by jailing him. While in jail, he was approached by Common Sense to become a member of the Sixth Sense. “In exchange for my freedom?” Keynes asked. “No,” replied Sense, holding up a copy of So. Through the worship of Peter Gabriel, Keynes found amazing spiritual powers and became the Invisible Touch once more, only to be thwarted on the Armorer’s flying fortress by the New Legion once again.

Grover Keynes/The Unseen Hand/The Invisible Touch

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