Bartholomew Teach/Timebeard

"Avast, ye swabs! I'll send ye to Davy Jones' time-locker!"


Bartholomew Teach was originally a member of the Time Agency to which The Descendant belonged. However, while on a routine mission, Teach was set upon by the Clockroach, a gigantic specimen of semisentient insectoids that feed on temporal instability. The ensuing battle cost Teach his leg, and though he had it replaced with a cool laser peg leg, he swore revenge on the Roach. His search initially brought him to the 18th century Caribbean, where he signed on with the crew of Blackbeard himself by pretending to be Edward Teach’s brother.

His brain addled by scurvy and inflamed with vengeance, Timebeard (adopting futuristic versions of piratical traditions, such as a chainsaw cutlass, a flamethrowing flintlock pistol, and a cloaked, flying pirate ship) still searches for both the Clockroach and the Descendant, who intends to bring Timebeard back to the future before he damages the timestream. His first match with the Descendant in the current time period resulted in a stalemate…


Bartholomew Teach/Timebeard

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