Save Metro City!

The Challenge of...THE CHESSMASTER!
He can see five moves ahead! Can he possibly be beaten?

The Wraith and the Descendant fell several stories into a pile of foam blocks. Although they purused the fleeing Chessmaster, he ran into the dealers’ hall of SuperCon and disappeared into the crowd. As they looked around for him, the Wraith suddenly felt that they were being pursued. Out of nowhere, the Silver Fox appeared and narrowly missed slicing the Descendant’s face open. The battle had begun.

Meanwhile, the Mariner and Bright Man used Weeaboo Man’s own Japanese snacks in order to bribe him out of information. He claimed that there was an especially fast zeppelin under construction, but only Lady Steampunk had the key. The dynamic duo tracked down Lady Steampunk in the food court and the Mariner persuaded her to show him the workshop. However, Lady Steampunk saw through his ruse and fired a flare gun that called Captain Maximum to the scene.

The combat quickly escalated as the Fox called some minions and Lady Steampunk summoned her robots–one of them was partially made of the yogurt cart that had claimed Dominion’s stunning good looks. As Bright Man dealt with the robots, the Mariner attempted to steal the Red Baron, the handsome prototype. After accidentally crashing into an exploding zeppelin, Captain Maximum regained his composure and punched Bright Man into the Subway across the street.

The Silver Fox’s minions managed to take down the Wraith, but the battle was interrupted when the Mariner crashed the Red Baron into the dealers’ hall and reclaimed the duo. As they departed, the New Legion noticed the Chessmaster attempting to escape in a limousine, accompanied by Weeaboo-Man. WM transformed himself into the Mariner, but made a mistake of colossal proportions when he cut the roof off the limo in order to attack the zeppelin more easily. Bright Man blinded the limo driver, and the car smashed into the side. Bereft of options, the Chessmaster finally surrendered.

The Wubbulous World of...WEEABOO MAN!
Weirdos in a Weird Land!

As the unconscious bodies of the New Legion were loaded onto the Supercon zeppelin, Timebeard broke off combat with the Descendant and reboarded his ship, which cloaked and sailed away. The Descendant snuck aboard using his powers of invisibility along with Key Grip, and after about fiteen minutes the ship landed at the top of SuperCon. The Mariner was stripped of his suit, the Wraith’s guns were removed, and Bright Man’s light bulb was screwed off his helmet, and the three were placed in holding cells. However, the Descendant waited for the shift to change and hacked the panel, freeing the rest of the team (along with some of the people that probably shouldn’t have been freed).

The Wraith attempted to clear surveillance by shooting out the security cameras; this caused four staffers, Craig, Tom, Louise, and Martha, to appear on the scene. The ensuing battle was long but not particularly tough; Craig, having had to put up with Bright Man for years, was especially vindictive. The Descendant fought with his laser cannon, tossing the Wraith his peacemaker for defense. The party defeated all four deep, detailed characters with backstories, and Bright Man swiped Craig’s staffer badge so they could go up the elevator.

The team split up on the main convention floor. Bright Man ran back to his panel, frozen in place, in order to close it with a Bright Stopper. The applause, as usual, was thunderous. Meanwhile, the Mariner went into the Artists’ Alley to get a spare suit from one of his undercover IA agents, who was manning a table full of Ecco the Dolphin prints. The agent gave him a “free pog”–actually a suit emblem–and the Mariner returned to near-full strength.

The next step would be figuring out what was going on and how to stop it. The Mariner knew about the Chessmaster from experience–that he had paid all four members of the Neo Dread Hand to attack the team, that he wanted the power regulator in order to control his wildly varying projectile attack, and that he was likely expecting the team. The only way they could defeat him would be to convince one of the officers that he was playing them, and decided on Lady Steampunk as the most reasonable of the five.

Using Craig’s staffer badge, the New Legion ascended to the top floor. The doors to the offices/bedrooms of all five SuperCon officers lay before them: The Silver Fox’s was covered in greenery, Captain Maximum’s had a styilized “M” on the door in bright colors, the Chessmaster’s was black-and-white with a knight head on the front, Lady Steampunk’s was chrome with a lot of gears, and Weeaboo Man’s was covered with dirt, Pocky crumbs, and body pillows. The Wraith picked the (surprisingly easy) lock on Lady Steampunk’s door and the party entered.

Though Lady Steampunk was not there, they did make some interesting discoveries. The Mariner’s cane-harpoon and Bright Man’s helmet were there, pending modification to a more steampunk version. There was also a mysterious document on Lady Steampunk’s desk: On closer inspection, it was two documents clipped together. The first was addressed to the Chessmaster, with no name from the sender. It stated that he was on probationary status in a mysterious cabal, and in order to become a full member he would have to both fix his powers and capture the New Legion, the Wraith in particular.

The second document was a thick lab report. Though it was incomprehensible to most, the Mariner managed to understand the abstract: It was a psychological experiment involving subliminal messages placed into televisions. The last successful test subject became obsessed with putting things in a certain order, resorting to violent measures to meet his compulsions.

That man was Charles Feng.

While the team thought about what this meant about the Wraith, they were interrupted by a loud noise outside the door. Looking outside, they saw Weeaboo Man waiting for them, accompanied by members of his “elite” guard. Weeaboo Man dressed like a character from his favorite anime, the Steel Samurai, and managed to do cool things like cut the Mariner’s electric bolt in half with his sword. One of WM’s minions blasted the party with Leestreet Boys music, but he only managed to stun the Descendant. Bright Man shot off Weeaboo Man’s helmet, causing him to revert to his normal lack of powers, but before the party could advance the Chessmaster suddenly appeared.

Claiming the party fell into his trap, the Chessmaster suddenly switched places with Weeaboo Man and stomped the ground, falling through a trapdoor he had planted there. The Wraith and the Descendant pursued him through the door, leaving the other two behind.

The Nefarious Neo Dread Hand!
Free sticker surprise!

It had been about a week since the defeat of the Killer Queens. For most of the New Legion, life returned to normal. The Descendant skulked back to his apartment block filled with time travelers (mostly Boston revolutionaries who played Yu-Gi-Oh!), Bright Man resumed his panels at SuperCon, and the Mariner continued his research at Industrial Aquatics.

Lewis Turner, however, was facing some serious problems. Not only were Reina and Tiny Tim missing from his orphanage, a mysterious structure had appeared in the middle of the warehouse block: A giant metal structure with the roof painted to look normal. He called the Descendant to ask for help.

At the same time, the Mariner returned to the Bank of Thomson and Thompson to complete the financing that had interrupted him at the beginning of the last story. While there, the director of the bank asked to talk to him. Because it was too dangerous to keep the items from the Lawyer’s time vault in the bank, he was giving custody over the vault to Lethbridge. He accepted, and the director showed him the Lawyer’s newest acquisition: A metal armband with a screen. Knowing this was future technology, the Mariner brought it to an expert on the subject.

The Descendant recognized it easily: It was a power regulator. If a super with uncontrollable or random powers wore it, they would be able to keep their powers under control. It was released in the same year Herschel traveled back into the past, cutting edge even for his future. Their chat was interrupted by the Wraith’s phone call, and the dynamic duo traveled to the warehouse complex.

Meanwhile, Bright Man was giving his weekly SuperCon panel when he was distracted by something: A $25 Gamestop gift card on the floor! As he reached for it, the card suddenly jerked back a couple feet: It was on a string. Bright Man chased the gift card several blocks through Metro City (it was on a very long string) to the warehouse, where the other three were waiting. Noting that the construction seemed similar to one of the Mariner’s oceanic labs, the team cautiously proceeded.

Investigating the seemingly empty warehouse, the party sprung a trap, and walls crashed down, separating the four. Doors suddenly appeared, and each team member ventured forth cautiously.

The Descendant’s path brought him up to the roof. Although it was empty, he soon saw something in the sky: A plummeting human figure. A trap door opened in the roof, and the person fell through, the door closing immediately afterward. While Herschel puzzled over this, a much larger object descended from above: The cloaked time-traveling pirate ship of his most bitter rival, Timebeard. The pirate himself rappelled down and mentioned that someone had paid him to join with other supers, calling themselves the Neo Dread Hand, and attack the New Legion. Swearing to send the Descendant to Davy Jones’ Time-Locker, he drew his vibrating chain-cutlass and attacked.

The Mariner found himself in what appeared to be an empty movie set for the hit TV show Explosion Force. Seeing a silhouette in the distance, he approached it. There was a figure in normal cameraman garb wearing sunglasses, fiddling with a backlight. When the Mariner asked him, the figure revealed himself to be Key Grip, Camera X’s intern. Film internships, much less paid ones, were incredibly difficult to come by in Metro City, and besides, he possessed a quality most didn’t: Due to a car accident, he had lost the use of his eyes, and they had been replaced by cameras. As soon as he revealed this, Camera X fired lasers out of Key Grip’s eye-cameras, taking the Mariner by surprise and blasting him into a wall, knocking him out.

Bright Man’s room was the strangest of them all: An indoor skate park. A helicopter, seemingly unmanned, hovered above one of the park’s numerous vert elements. As he pondered which Robot Master occupied it, a trap door appeared in the ceiling, and the figure the Descendant saw fell in. After doing some kickin’ rad skate tricks, he finally managed to build up enough friction to slow to a halt in front of Bright Man. The skater revealed himself as Rad Chad, a bad dude who had sworn vengeance on Bright Man for smashing his NES console. He hopped on his skateboard and attacked.

The Wraith went down a long flight of stairs into a beautiful and out-of-place garden. The missing orphans were in a gazebo in the center, but as he approached them, he found that another was there: His hated foe, Feng Shui. Without wasting any time, they started to fight.

The Descendant fired a shot at Timebeard and went invisible. The pirate, suffering from bad luck, suffered several misses from his flame-throwing flintlock before the gun exploded in his hand. Meanwhile, Rad Chad demonstrated his moves by grinding upside-down on the helicopter, but the unimpressed Bright Man shot lemons at him anyway. Rad Chad, badly wounded and angry, kick-flipped Bright Man into the wall.

The Wraith attempted to overcome his crippling fear of Feng Shui’s fire powers by creating illusory copies of himself to lead the orphans away. Confused, Feng Shui used his elemental mastery of wood to try to discern the correct one, but the real Wraith burst out of a flowing stream and shot him. Though Feng Shui figured out the location of the orphans and attempted to capture them again with plant vines, the Wraith pistol-whipped him into unconsciousness. Key Grip burst into the room, but he spent some time attacking the illusions instead of the Wraith.

Bright Man, reeling, watched in awe as Rad Chad summoned the ghost of Tony Hawk for the raddest trick that had ever been done, but found his resolve and shot him again, blasting him into the helicopter and causing Rad Chad, for the first time since he fell into the Mountain Dew, to bail. The Mariner, heroically recovered from his injury, burst through the wall, perhaps a little too late. Together, the duo blasted their way into Feng Shui’s hideout. With Key Grip wounded and Feng Shui himself unconscious, it looked like the team had won! However, Key Grip blasted the trio with a powerful backlight laser, knocking them out.

Meanwhile, the Descendant bitterly grappled with Timebeard on top of the building, neither combatant budging and inch. However, the battle was soon interrupted by a descending object: A SuperCon zeppelin. The Descendant watched, shocked, as Key Grip arose, pushing a dolly with the rest of the New Legion into the waiting zeppelin…

Life...on MARS?
The thrilling conclusion!

The party stood in triumph over the unconscious Scaramouche as the Wraith wrested the Thin White Prince from his elegantly glovéd hand. With this, they would finally be able to defeat Ziggy Stardust and stop him from ramming the world of the rock gods into the earth. However, their glory was quickly interrupted as manned rockets emerged from the ground all around them. Killer Queen minions of all stripes rushed through the streets towards the Red King Stadium (the Queens’ hideout). The Wraith disguised the party as minions and they ran to join them.

Arriving slightly late, the team looked on from an upper balcony. There, they saw the members of the Killer Queens they had already defeated take the stage…along with their before-unseen leader, Bohemian Rhapsody. After brilliantly playing the crowd, the concert was rudely interrupted by the White Album, who proceeded to attack with the remainders of the musical teams defeated in the Battle of the Bands. Amidst the chaos, KQ members started climbing into rockets. The team snuck into the one containing the band members, and the Wraith created the illusion that the rocket was malfunctioning.

Although this briefly halted the Queens, a camera scan revealed the disguises of the party and they were quickly attacked by Radio Gaga and Sheer Heart Attack. They were quickly dispatched, Sheer Heart Attack receiving a taste of his own medicine at the hands of the Mariner and Radio Gaga being forced to answer several of the Wraith’s pressing questions. Also, Bright Man shot some lemons at him.

After the battle, the party arrived at their destination: David Bowie’s music heaven, the oddly-named “Mars?” Ziggy Stardust’s tower sat in the middle of a large city in the middle of a huge labyrinth, and at the top of the tower was what looked like a crashed 1960s-era satellite. The rocket landed at the base of the tower, and the Wraith disguised himself as Sheer Heart Attack and the others as minions again. (The crew members of the rocket were too busy arguing about Legend of Korra shipping to notice the fight.)

The inside of the tower was a confusing jumble of M.C. Escher-like stairs and doorways, but fortunately there was also a stone elevator that shot everyone to the top of the tower. There, the party came face-to-face with Ziggy Stardust and Bohemian Rhapsody, and after very little hesitation the battle began.

The Descendant used his powers of invisibility to strike quickly at Stardust, but the Thin White Prince was halted inches from the rapidly-spinning Platinum Record in his chest. Stardust rose into the air as the rest of the team attacked Bohemian Rhapsody. Rhapsody summoned thunder and lightning to frighten the party: The Wraith was briefly shocked and the Mariner, some obscure childhood incident reawakened, ran screaming like a little girl.

This left Bright Man as the only hope for mankind. Though he was scared originally, he “reasoned” that lightning generated electricity, and since electricity powered his stage then he was in his element. The subsequent adrenaline boost caused him to figure out a comparatively brilliant plan. At his request, the Descendant threw the sword to him, and he fired the Thin White Prince out of his arm cannon at Ziggy Stardust.

Ignore that. The Descendant totally stabbed him again. The Platinum Record was destroyed, leaving Robert Jones cowering in what used to be his glorious throne. Bohemian Rhapsody awakened, only to have the fight interrupted by the total destruction of Mars?. A familiar cry came upon the ears of the party, only said in a terrible and non-pretentious voice:


A horrifying apparition appeared, dressed in a Letterman jacket and riding a cool black horse. He carried a basketball, which he used to suck out Robert Jones’ soul. For, as it turned out, the Killer Queens’ plan flew contrary to the plans of his mysterious master, and for that they must pay. The basketball changed into a football, and he threw it at Bohemian Rhapsody, whereupon it exploded mightily. The rider (whom the party would later recount as the urban legend, the Headless Sportsman) warned the party to not meddle further in affairs beyond their control and rode away.

The party escaped the crumbling dimension by riding back in the rocket they arrived in. The surprisingly adept Bright Man steered the rocket past the debris of the labyrinth. However, what they did not count on was Radio Gaga, who fired a final sound blast, spinning the rocket around. The small return portal cut the nose and jets off the rocket, and the party barely managed to survive by using an escape pod.

What followed was a nonstop flurry of festivities. The party finally gained major recognition in the papers and on cable news, hardly getting a moment to themselves between interviews and photo sessions. Also on the news was the capture of the Unseen Hand by a mysterious vigilante known as “Gearhead”, whom the party knew to be Dominion back in action.

Several days later, the Wraith returned to his temporary orphanage in the warehouse block near Little San Juan. Henry Irons, one of the twins he looked after, ran to him with some strange news: A mysterious building had appeared nearby. It was extremely large and blocky, but the top was painted so it would look like a normal warehouse from the air. In addition, far more sinister troubles were brewing. It would appear that two of the orphans were missing…

Who is...BRIGHT MAN??
Domo Arigatomy, Doctor Lobotomy!

Ziggy Stardust immediately sat in The Mariner’s seat, pulling out a cell phone. Though The Wraith attempted to faze him by creating the illusion of a self-destruct sequence, Stardust seemed completely nonchalant. He made two calls: The first, a confirmation to Bohemian Rhapsody that he was still alive, and the second, to the sinister Doctor Lobotomy, who activated something called the “Spiders from Mars”. After completing his calls (and wiping off the table he put his feet on), Stardust smashed all the windows in the room and flew away.

The White Album was distraught. As he explained, Stardust was an old Lawyer villain who had attempted a similar plan back in the eighties. Stardust was creating a portal in the sky to collide the world of the gods with ours and remake it in his image. (The crystalline nodes he used to implement this plan made him resemble the White Album’s drawing.) While the Album departed to band together the ragged remains of the musical gangs to fight the Spiders, he asked the team to go to the hospital and “ask” Doctor Lobotomy how to reverse the parasitic infection.

The plan, however, was interrupted by the lights in the building starting to flicker. Small explosions at the nearby power substation drew the team to a bizarre situation. On one side of the conflict was Ham-Hands Tony, a Z-lister villain whose hands were shaped like hams, alongside his group of thugs. On the other…a man who thought he was a Robot Master. The group stepped in on the side of Bright Man, and Ham-Hands Tony was turned Hawaiian style by the Mariner’s new jellyfish venom injector.

During the subsequent interlude, the Wraith talked about how one of his orphans called him his “favorite superhero” and Bright Man waxed poetic of his lost love, Splash Woman. After that sappy nonsense, they went to the hospital and confronted Doctor Lobotomy. The doctor immediately attempted to escape, aided by some Spiders from Mars and his interns Head Case and Toe Tag, but was quickly defeated.

Under Explosion Force-style interrogation, the doctor let slip Ziggy Stardust’s one weakness: A sword called the Thin White Prince. The Prince, David Bowie’s only other artifact remaining on Earth, would destroy the Platinum Record if Stardust was stabbed with it and return him to Robert Jones. Jones, being smart, found the Thin White Prince a long time ago and hid it into his apartment. The Mariner backhanded Doctor Lobotomy and left him for the police as the group proceeded back to the Neon.

The Wraith broke into the locked sword case in Robert Jones’ apartment to find that someone had replaced it with a glove and a note saying “Slap yourself with this and come outside.” The Wraith followed the instructions and the party exited, only to meet with Scaramouche, who had been tricked by Radio Gaga into believing that he was still following Pagliacci’s orders. Though he deflected many things with his sword, including the Wraith’s illusory bullets, he was unable to stop Bright Man’s arm cannon and was defeated.

The team has the Thin White Prince, but striking Ziggy Stardust is no cakewalk. Tune in next week for the thrilling conclusion!

All I Hear Is...RADIO GAGA!
Under siege by the Killer Queens!

Exiting Robert Jones’ ransacked office, the party encountered a wandering superhero on the streets. His name was The White Album, a musical super who channeled the power of John Lennon through his guitar. His team, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, was one of the most powerful in the Battle of the Bands, but the Killer Queens exploited a moment of weakness and crushed them, sending the surviving members into the subway to deal with Pagliacci. Naturally, he was angry and joined the party for revenge.

The White Album also displayed two drawings which had been given to him in a vision: The first of a mysterious villain he called “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds”, the second “Fool on the Hill”. “Lucy” would attack very shortly, but “Fool” was far more powerful.

The journey to Industrial Aquatics was short, but interrupted by the aftermath of a battle between the Killer Queens and the West Side Pigeons. A section of road had been completely destroyed in a fiery inferno (which the White Album traversed by teleporting party members across with him), and a farmer’s market had been interrupted and destroyed. It was at the Farmer’s Market that Bicycle Race, the Killer Queens’ drummer, attacked with a posse of minions.

The Wraith, in an attempt to intimidate the group, called himself “Mister Fahrenheit” and his group the “Princes of the Universe”, but it enraged Bicycle Race, who smacked the Wraith fifty yards into a quilt shop. The Descendant’s expert shooting knocked out Bicycle Race, however, and the party stole his bicycle.

Entering through a secret underground passage, the team found a group of IA employees tied up, along with the Mariner’s personal assistant Ishmael and a huge pile of dynamite and C4. According to Ishmael, a large number of IA employees were acolytes of Mercury and changed sides by the command of Bohemian Rhapsody. The group untied the employees, who quickly escaped, while the Mariner expertly defused the bomb.

Soon, Sheer Heart Attack arrived in one of the elevators, along with several engineers who attempted to rewire the bomb. The Mariner used the sonic stunners in his suit’s arms, which dazed the engineers but were completely ineffective against Sheer Heart Attack. Knowing that his powers were useless against the Mariner’s armor, SHA briefly left and returned with a hostage, saying that unless the Mariner let them reconnect the bomb he would kill the innocent bystander. (Sheer Heart Attack is kind of dim.)

As usual, the party wrested the hostage away and the Mariner grabbed Sheer Heart Attack, carrying him up to the penthouse. There, Radio Gaga awaited, along with six crack troops who were in the middle of playing a hot game of Settlers of Catan. Robert Jones was tied up in the corner (the Killer Queens had a lot of leftover cables). While the rest of the party waited in the elevator, the Mariner beat Radio Gaga over the head with his teammate. Unfortunately, Radio Gaga’s heart was strong, and as the team came in through the elevator Sheer Heart Attack escaped and ran to kill the White Album.

The White Album soon displayed his full power, deflecting hundreds of bullets with his guitar while firing freezing tears at Sheer Heart Attack, freezing him completely. Meanwhile, the Mariner grabbed Radio Gaga, injured after a shot by the eagle-eyed Descendant, and threw him into the tank containing his pet ray, Wayne. As a last resort, Radio Gaga activated a sonic explosion that destroyed the tank, leaving him unconscious. The Mariner quickly placed Wayne into a backup tank and the Wraith untied Robert Jones.

It was then that the true nature of the Platinum Record was revealed. Much like Marvel’s Thor, the record contained the divine power of a rock god. If his chosen user came in contact with it, he would become an avatar, an earthly being with all the power of his patron. And as it turned out, the Platinum Record belonged to Jones.

In a flash of blinding light, Robert Jones transformed from a nebbish accountant to an androgynously beautiful being, floating an inch off the floor. Radio Gaga revealed the Killer Queens’ hand: It had all been a ploy to get the Record to Jones, the fifth member of the Queens.

Ziggy Stardust has returned, and it’s going to take a lot of fighting to get him to leave.

Facing down...the Felony Department!
They have tenure!

After the attack at the bank, the Mariner brought the Platinum Record to Industrial Aquatics to have it analyzed. Doctor Pescatore ran it through the science machine and discovered that, although its energy levels were off the charts, it was unknown how to access its power. Running it through a conventional phonograph revealed that it operated at a speed far higher than most conventional record players.

Pescatore recommended the team consult with Robert Jones, Metro City’s most prominent music historian. However, he lived in the Neon, which was across the city from where they were, and with an artifact this powerful every gang in the city would be on their tail. After consulting their options, the team decided to take a zeppelin from SuperCon to their destination.

Because of his minor success as a voice actor, Dominion was given the star treatment and was pulled out of the long line for passes by con staffers. In the guest lounge, the mysterious Age of Aquarius appeared and offered a reading, but the distrustful Wraith denied her request. After the interlude, the team boarded a zeppelin and set off.

For many of the characters, it was the first time seeing the new Metro City from the sky. Smoke and fire raged everywhere, and some mysterious things were happening in certain parts of the city–in particular, Feng Shui was burning some auspicious characters using Old Metro City’s buildings, and the Industrial District was covered with a toxic yellow fog. To console themselves, the team helped themselves to free frozen yogurt from one of Lady Steampunk’s gear-covered carts.

Their snack was interrupted when a huge impact caused the zeppelin to make an emergency landing on a nearby building. The Felony Department, enraged by Clubsport’s loss, had decided to go after the Platinum Record themselves. Though the Bard was a great swordsman, knocking Dominion’s frozen yogurt out of his hands, he was swiftly dispatched by being blasted into a railing. The Mariner fought the Mathemagician, easily stunnning the frail wizard with his harpoon. Noticing his ally in need of help, Doctor Headbutt lived up to his name and headbutted the Mariner into the adjacent Metro U medical building.

The Unseen Hand lifted the Descendant easily, flinging him into Dominion. This normally innocuous supervillain move caused immense damage to Dominion, however, as he ricocheted into the pointy gear-covered frozen yogurt cart. As he lay bleeding on the floor, Doctor Headbutt set his shiny head at the Wraith. In the team’s darkest hour, the Wraith saved the day by creating the illusion that the Platinum Record shattered into a hundred pieces as he was being headbutted. The Felony Department fled, but not before the Mathemagician summoned dwarven soldiers from a faraway land.

After the Wraith quickly dispatched the dwarves with his illusion powers, the team focused on Dominion. He would live, but barely, and his face had been heavily scarred. As he lay safely in the hospital, the team took an uneventful bus trip to the Neon. However, they found Robert Jones’ apartment ransacked. Radio Gaga revealed his hand: While the team had been fighting the Felony Department, the Killer Queens had kidnapped Jones, taken the staff of Industrial Aquatics hostage (along with the Mariner’s pet bat ray) and planted explosives in the basement. If the team doesn’t show up within twelve hours, carrying the Platinum Record…

Another one bites the dust.

In the clutches of...CAMERA X!
A unlikely new superhero team...THE TETRA FORCE!

The city of Townsville It was a peaceful Mother’s Day in Metro City, much like any other. Four unrelated people were at the First International Bank of Thomson and Thompson. A wealthy investor was withdrawing a trophy from the bank’s widely renowned superhero souvenir vault. A down-on-his luck fellow was casing the joint in preparation to rob it later. A semi-famous voice actor was opening a checking vault. And a mysterious figure with a coat and mask was simply milling around.

Suddenly, the peace shattered as the security cameras began to fire lasers. Quickly herding the few civilians who hadn’t escaped into a corner as hostages, the cameras blocked the exit and carved open the vault door. Hypnotized security guards started flooding in as Camera X revealed his hand. Surely nobody would be able to stop him from robbing the bank.

Even more suddenly, shit got real. Lewis Turner quickly illusioned his clothes into those of ♥THE WRAITH♥. Jonah Lethbridge slapped a button on his chest that caused him to gain the armor of ♦THE MARINER♦. The mysterious man, known only as ♣THE DESCENDANT♣ turned invisible and started smacking around guards. And a camera fired a laser ripping a door off its hinges to reveal the just-changed ♠DOMINION♠. Bonded by necessity, these brave superheroes defeated the guards (in the case of Dominion, by flinging couches into them), rescued the hostages, and destroyed the cameras. The only casualties suffered were by The Wraith, who quickly bandaged himself up later.

One of the security guards, freed from Camera X’s control by The Wraith’s scary illusions, described the situation: While the guards were making fun of badly-dressed people in the security room, Camera X took over the whole security system and hypnotized all the guards! If only there were a team of four superheroes that could stop it!

The elevator ride took a long time, enough time for the four to become slightly better acquainted with each other. Originally condescending to his former enemy, The Wraith, The Mariner was shocked to find that he was only robbing stores to buy food for orphans. The Descendant revealed his face–a gray alien–and mentioned he was a time-traveller from THE FUTURE, but no more than that. Dominion was oddly secretive, only complaining about his bad day.

The security office was on the twelfth floor. Stepping out, the party found that a big section of cubicles had been burned off, creating a convenient boss arena. Suddenly, Clubsport burst through the window on his horse! Believing that the heroes were below him, he talked about why he was there: Now that the Lawyer is missing, his trophies, stored in a Time Vault inside the regular vault, were starting to reappear. The one item that had showed up was giving off humongous energy readings, and he had been sent by the Felony Department to retrieve it. A fierce battle ensued, and while Dominion protected the party with a force field, The Wraith was shot up by Clubsport’s hired mercenaries and The Mariner received a drill shuttlecock to the wrist, causing him to drop his harpoon. The Descendant quickly ended the fight by shooting Clubsport in the chest. Bucephalus, only slightly shaken from being thrown into the thugs by Dominion, grabbed his unconscious partner and escaped through the window.

As The Mariner entered the security room, he found that all the monitors were under control by Camera X. Feeling his mind start to fall under its insidious control, he expertly hacked the console by unplugging it. Meanwhile, Camera X manifested itself around a camera phone, but The Wraith asked a question…a bullet question. Injured, Camera X placed The Wraith under mind control as Dominion ranted about he was only there to open a savings account and why the hell did this all have to happen, etc. The Mariner smashed the central screen with his harpoon and Camera X disappeared.

The monitors in the security room turned back on, revealing that strange minions in white hazmat suits were stealing some kind of record from the vault. The Mariner immediately recognized them as minions of the Killer Queens. Dominion manifested a bubble of energy around the three as they jumped through the 12th-story window and began the chase.

Fruit carts and small dogs barely slowed down the heroes, and the three minions were stopped through an illusory hardware-store explosion and The Descendant’s expert shooting. Though they knew nothing about why they were sent to steal it, the party is now in possession of the Platinum Record. What is so interesting about this record? What power does it hold? For answers, tune in to the next episode of…



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