Pagliacci had seen many wars.

Once a top leader of a paramilitary organization, he found himself disliking his line of work more and more. There was no job security, for one thing; and even a hardboiled knife-using monster needs some “me time” where he wasn’t being shot at. His travels brought him to Metro City, where he earned himself a spot on the Dread Hand by effortlessly defeating its former martial member, General Zaroff, in hand-to-hand combat.

Pagliacci was there on the day of The Vortex, but he knew very well what Foursight’s absence meant: bad things were about to happen. So he kept to the perimeter and as soon as he saw the Chuck Man pick up his comrade’s time machine, he leapt out the window, falling thirty stories into the open sewer.

Miraculously surviving, Pagliacci was cared for by a group of homeless mutants and assorted supers. A few weeks later, he had gained complete control of the city’s subway system, replacing the normally boring and faulty trains with a mad circus. Pagliacci’s clownish minions can be seen anywhere belowground, and they run almost every conceivable criminal activity, from assassination to drug-running.

Notable members of Pagliacci’s band include:

Pagliacci, the man himself. Besides what was mentioned above, he enjoys using four luxurious knives (The Four Tenors) that he picked up from a particularly lucrative assassination job. Never seen without his clown makeup, and hardly ever seen outside of his private train car.

Colombina, AKA DJ Columbine. When she rescued Pagliacci, he rewarded her by teaching her everything he knew, in combat and in leadership; she now runs a series of traveling rave shows that have become extremely popular with the Metro City fringe element. Fights with music-themed weaponry.

Dottore, a strange man with the power to bring the recently dead back to lifeā€“for a very heavy fee. Barely capable of taking care of himself, Pagliacci saw the opportunity and took him under his wing.

Scaramouche, a blustery and arrogant swordsman who disappeared one day while venturing in the Neon. Pagliacci’s band and the Killer Queens have been at each others’ throats ever since, and all the subway stations in the Neon are either war zones or blocked off with rubble.

Signora, a no-nonsense matriarch of the homeless mutants who holds the record as the only person ever able to knock out Pagliacci. Keeps the wheels of the organization greased and generally acts as its face when dealing with goody-goodies.


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