The Shadow Legion

The true movers and shakers behind everything that happened after the Time Vortex, and before it as well. The Shadow Legion was not revealed until the New Legion of Justice had defeated Lichard Nixon and traced a time machine in his hidden bunker back to the very beginning of time, where the Shadow Legion pulled all the strings. The members of the Shadow Legion were:

The Shadowy Figure, aka Evil Wraith, aka Lewis Turner: The leader of the Shadow Legion, Evil Wraith hailed from a timeline where the orphans that he looked after died. Driven to despair, he sought out any method to bring them back, and while doing so adopted the mantle of the Fae Knight of Deception. Eventually, he met and collaborated with Agent Gamma, and was able to reset the timeline. However, events conspired to continually kill the orphans every time the timeline reset, so eventually Evil Wraith’s motivation turned to controlling the world. He was defeated after the Wraith voluntarily depowered himself to become the Platonic Ideal of Truth, and in turn stripped Evil Wraith of his own powers. Evil Wraith was then helpless to prevent the Descendent from hurling him forward in time using Agent Gamma’s malfunctioning time machine; he was sent forward into the heat death of the Universe. His last words were “Well played.”

Agent Gamma, aka John Herschel: A full-fledged member of the Time Agency, Agent Gamma met with Wraith-Prime and agreed to help him reset the timeline to save the orphans. Like Evil Wraith, his motivation eventually became world domination too after hundreds of timeline resets. He was defeated after the Descendent forced his time machine to malfunction, which sent him to a newly-formed, lava-filled Earth.

The Ancient Mariner, aka Jonah Lethbridge: In Evil Wraith’s timeline, Jonah Lethbridge didn’t create a computer program to explore a deep sea fissure, deciding to instead explore it himself. Thus, whatever had turned that program into Camera X instead infected Lethbridge directly, turning him into a Lovecraftian abomination wearing an old-timey diving suit. Deciding to aid Evil Wraith for his own alien objectives, the Ancient Mariner was present for all of the Timeline Resets. He was defeated after being beaten into immobility by the Mariner and, like Evil Wraith and Agent Gamma, being cast into the currents of time by Agent Gamma’s malfunctioning device; in the Ancient Mariner’s case, he was left adrift in the vacuum of space, doomed to drift for eternity towards a starless void.

Craig Prime: In all of the Shadow Legion’s plans, one superhero that kept interfering with them was known as Flashbang. Eventually deducing his identity as Craig, Evil Wraith decided to keep him from interfering in the latest timeline by replacing him with the most moronic hero he could create. However, this provided an unexpected boon, since Craig had also become an archenemy to Brightman throughout the team’s adventures. Thus, Evil Wraith was able to create a fourth team member for the Shadow Legion by calling Craig to the beginning of time and imbuing him with the memory of the Craigs of all timelines. In the middle of the battle, Craig was able to forcibly merge the Brightman and Dirkman Lee personas, in an attempt to drive his foe insane. Instead, this granted Dirkman the ability to defeat Craig once and for all using the unstoppable “Dirk Stopper.”

The Shadow Legion

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