The Turner Temporary Orphanage

On the edge of little San Juan is a large warehouse. Shortly after Feng Shui burned down the Sisters of Perpetual Superheroics Orphanage in Old Metro City, the Wraith appropriated the building as a safehouse for the six children he managed to evacuate out of the fire. The current residents are:

Adelaide Flor (14): The oldest of the children and the de-facto leader when Lewis isn’t around, Adelaide wants to be a surgeon, and studies whatever medical books that her guardian can provide her with; she the subsequently taught Lewis everything he knows about medical treatment. Adelaide is the illegitimate daughter of a local politician and his Latina maid; the maid was deported to Mexico after the relationship was made scandalously public. Despite everything that’s happened to her, Adelaide remains cool and calm most of the time. When something worries her, she never shares those feelings with others as she feels knowledge of her own limits would just worry everyone else.

Jonathan Irons (13): Jonathan is Henry’s older twin brother by 7 minutes, and he along with his brother are in charge of keeping the Warehouse safe. This mostly involves the two playing lookout and informing the other kids to hide when someone suspicious comes around. Jon is passionate, and would dearly like to tame the chaos that is Metro City himself; fortunately, his brother and Adelaide have kept him from doing anything too stupid yet.

Henry Irons (13): Henry is Jonathan’s identical twin brother, and like him was the son of poor black parents who worked in the Industrial District before dying in a factory accident. Compared to Jon, Henry is quieter; however, he is no less fierce in his devotion to the other orphans. He possesses a keen mind, and a mind for strategy. Whenever he challenges Lewis to a game of Chess, he always wins. Of the children at the warehouse, only Henry really suspects that Lewis is resorting to more questionable needs to take care of them.

Sally Smith (10): Cheerful despite everything that’s happened to her (which includes getting disowned by a drug-addled mother), Sally is the heart of the group, and also the one who takes charge of meals; even if the meals happen to be a cup of instant ramen for each person. She’s a little ditzy at times, but knows when to be serious too.

Reina Megami (8): The daughter of a Japanese immigrant who died not long after getting to Metro City, Reina kept to herself most of the time when she first came to the Sisters of Perpetual Superheroics. Surprisingly enough, it was Timothy who managed to break her out of her shell, and while she still remains quiet, she interacts with others a lot more. Her self-appointed duty is to help Timothy out however she can.

Timothy Marl (7): Timothy was born with a mild case of autism. His parents, whose relationship was already fraying, were forced to give him up when child protective services was called by a concerned neighbor after years of very loud arguments. The move was a blessing in disguise, as he was able to meet Reina, who seemed to understand what he needed intuitively. With her help, he was starting to form relationships with others, although the fire traumatized him by inflicting a horrid burn on his left leg, leaving it mostly useless. The only ones he’s really comfortable talking to at the moment are Reina and Lewis. He tends to be quiet most of the time, although he shouts really loudly if something makes him very upset. When this happens, Reina tends to be the only one who can calm him down.

The Turner Temporary Orphanage

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